Leave A little Sparkle wherever You Go!!!

Add glitz n glamor to your basic styling and you are ready to rock the bling basic combo….Yeah a little spark here and there are you are set.

Now the level for trying this trend can be vast and depends on the extent you are ready to experiment. It could be your make-up(eyes, lips or nails) , an accessory like a clutch you carry, heels, jewelry (bracelets, earring, body chain) or your mobile-cover even a laptop sleeve. Ahh….. so many ideas exploding to add a dazzler look.

The glitter trend has been embraced on the runway, it’s on the top magazines cover, current trend for photo-shoots, it’s revival of the 70’s & 80’s disco fashion with dramatic look- loud and proud !!!

The most iconic costume worn by legend Amitabh Bachchan in the movie ‘YARANA’-1981, song-Sara Zamana Haseeno Ka Deewana- deserves a mention here 😉 I’m sure we all know someone who wished for it at some point or the other during that phase !!!

Even jeans studded with rhinestones or a basic tee with neckline studded, the LED sneakers are all examples of this rage  but yes stick to the basic rule of not going over-board with this as a little addition is enough to enhance the look or else  it’s a mess. So, add the elements wisely and in an acceptable proportion to the over all look unless you are truly trying to prove a point with that.


A few rules to rule the look, add the elements wisely to ace the ‘Cosmos Charisma’-

  • Statement necklace, collar clips or embellished collar shirt

So, while trying the studded necklace or collar clips, keep in mind that the T-shirt/shirt or dress you select should be solid color so that the accessory pops out or a little print that’s not so distracting will be fine enough and the other case could be where you can manage a studded collar T-shirt/shirt or dress , in both the looks try to go for a minimal earring ring/ studs.

Photo by Luke Braswell on Unsplash



  • Crystal studded/ glitter shoes and belts or suspenders

Both can be added together in the look, taking care that the bling is not too much to blind- as in the belt size or the adornments on it same rule goes for the shoe. If however, you want to draw attention towards either the belt or shoe opt accordingly, keep your jewelry basic to complete the look. With this styling add glam to LBD or with a basic denim and white or black T-shirt look with a casual jacket – try this out.

Photo by Alex Hudson on Unsplash



  • Hair accessory – bands, clips

Tresses are a woman’s crowning glory. So, try to add the oomph factor bring out the princess in you and rule your way, it could be a tiara, hair brooch.

Photo by Wesley Quinn on Unsplash


  • Lets your make-up do the magic

The majestic make-up, the concept of highlighter is all about it and now an indispensable part of our make-up regime. It’s a holy grail as per the experts and other elements are also present to add to the bling look like- glitter eye-shadow, frosted lipsticks and metallic nail paints.


  • Add on that clutch

A little piece of accessory to make a big statement, add instant drama to your look by flaunting a flashy one.

Photo by Brenda Godinez on Unsplash
  • Earring , a bold statement finger ring or bracelet

Most of us stick to jewelry when it comes to accessorising the look, it a dominant part of our over all dressing. So, experiment with these to add a fresh look, options can be plenty -pick as per the demand of the occasion.



She who leaves a trail of glitter is never forgotten  – Anonymous

Everyone deserves to Shine, Smile and Sparkle  – Mystic Mermaid

Be Blingtastic !!!

I’m set to try this trend with my new crystal studded clutch and glitter eye-shadow. What’s your take take on it ???




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